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Top WordPress Development Companies

Posted on by Umar Draz

Do you know why web development companies are moving to WordPress CMS to develop even more advanced and complex projects? Let me explain what is the reason behind this and then I will recommend you web development companies who are offering WordPress development services for not only Islamabad, Pakistan even for all over the world.

Actually WordPress is very user friendly both for web developers and for even clients too. And worpdress is being updated rapidly to fight with bugs or hackers. You can even develop a complex web application in WordPress cms if you are good with php, database and wordpress overall core concept.

wordpress development company

WordPress Development Company

Let me now tell you one of the top WordPress development companies. IT Pixelz is offering wordpress web development services having its expert developers more than 5 years of experience of WordPress custom theme development, complex plugin development and web application development within WordPress CMS.

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Web Designing Company in Islamabad

Posted on by Umar Draz

Web desgining in islamabad is now a trend for every business or organization to be introduced on internet to the whole world. Islamabad is developing more rapidly and now the website is the need of each organization and business. So every one is searching web designing Islamabad because peoples want to know that what is better web desgining company in Islamabad.

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Web Hosting Company in Islamabad

Posted on by Umar Draz

This article is specially for Islamabad Pakistan visitors to get helped about web hosting. Finding a valuable web hosting company is not easy as you may be expecting. You may heard some reputed companies name from your friends or colleague. But in fact most of the web hosting companies are now upto their names. more…

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How to Hire a Good Web Developer

Posted on by Umar Draz

Before starting the discussion of hiring good web developer, we should have knowledge about web development. Web development is a process of using HTML to build actual pages, optimizing graphics for the web and producing rich media such as flash and streaming media. Conceptualizing and planning out the site not comes under web development, this work relates to web designing. So do not confuse yourself between them. more…

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