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Posted on by Umar Draz

This article is specially for Islamabad Pakistan visitors to get helped about web hosting. Finding a valuable web hosting company is not easy as you may be expecting. You may heard some reputed companies name from your friends or colleague. But in fact most of the web hosting companies are now upto their names. And the purpose is now just keeping only the name not the satisfaction of their clients. By reading my this article many web hosting companies may angry who are not taking care of their clients.  Well I will discuss the facts and the tips for my clients and visitors to analyse web hosting company good will themselves. And at end I will recommend a reputed web hosting company to you.

We do recommend HostPel web hosting for your professional website.
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How to find web hosting company in Islamabad?
Okay, just follow simple steps to find best local web hosting company for your website. Just go to google and search web hosting in islamabad, etc. You may get recommendations from web development and web designing companies because these companies have good experience with web hosting companies and they know well about the reputation of their services and support response. After getting the names of web hosting companies, compare them at some online up time monitoring websites, like webhostingstuff.com, here you can see the exact down time per month of a web hosting company and other reviews of its clients. Just note that which company is well reputed and has less down time overall. The up time of a web hosting company 99.9% is reasonable and is okay. But dont go with any web hosting company which has its own down time below 99.9%.

IT Pixelz Recommended Web Hosting
IT Pixelz recommend you Hostpel.com web hosting company office in Islamabad. This is best and this web hosting company is with 100% satisfied clients. The support response is good and quick as compared to others in the market. There are many support options like, phone call, live chat on even skype at any time, email, email ticket system, call back request and customer care at hostpel’s office.

Hosptel uptime record from last few months

hosting web hosting

Hostpel Uptime Record

In above screen shot, you can see that hostpel in most months its uptiming is 100% thats really good. So try it. here is url

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